Prom Limo Toronto

Prom Party Bus

The Prom Party Bus is a huge vehicle that will provide you with all the facilities that you could possibly hope for. It includes a DVD and CD player, LCDs, complimentary movies, high quality surround system, temperature controls, and so much more. We include the complete lighting system, so that your kids can easily alter the mood inside the party bus to their liking. It’s up to them whether to dim the lights or brighten them. It is a party bus with all the tools for a perfect prom night.

We fully realize that the passengers on the Prom Party Bus are underage and not allowed alcoholic drinks. Don’t worry since we have made all the arrangements. We provide you with chilled non-alcoholic champagne, huge variety of sodas and chilled spring water.Prom Limo Bus

Toronto Party Bus Rentals

Our Toronto Prom Party Bus is big, luxurious, comfortable and full of grace. Coupled with our competent team of chauffeurs, we truly provide the best prom rental services.

Here, classic doesn't mean it would be low in technology. In fact, both the models are loaded with the latest technology. So is the case with colors. As far as looks are concerned, it is the crucial part that brings you back to limo party buses even after the prom. Actually, beauty is something that cannot be ignored, especiallyat a dazzling event like prom. Fortunately, we are abundant in stunning looks and a wide variety of them. So, when you stepped out from a gorgeous limo party bus on your prom night, you will not feel yourself less than a prince or a princess.